Cabel - build modular synthesizers.



Cabel is a graphical user interface for building csound instruments by patching modules similar to modular synthesizers. It is simply customizable through XML.

It's intended for Csound beginners to learn some fundamentals about this wonderful language (although installing all dependencies of Cabel isn't as trivial as it should be) and for advanced Csound users, who want to test their ideas and play with input parameters in a graphical user interface.



Andrea Valle has generated the Cabel modules for 561 Csound opcodes. Be sure to download this great package called xBasic and unzip it to your modules directory.


Only some new example sounds (elektro_bass_fm_noise, guitar, ringmod_terror, saw_in_the_wind). Sorry, nothing really new and exciting. Please ask, if anyone wants the corresponding Cabel patches.

2006-03-01 - Cabel 0.85

Yeah, finally a new Cabel release: Cabel 0.85! As you may expect by the small step in the version number, this release incorporates only some small changes. More information is included in the ChangeLog file.

We are still working on the Cabel user manual and the German version is nearly finished: Cabel Benutzerhandbuch (draft). It would be great if someone helps us translating it into English, because we are really short of time at the moment. But who isn't? :-/

2005-12-14 - First Release!

Our first release is out so get it while it's hot. We know that Cabel is nothing new under the sun, nevertheless we hope you enjoy our little Csound construction kit.


The first demo sounds and linux screenshots are online. We are removing the last obviously bugs and are nearly ready for the first release.

2005-11-22 - Pre-Release!

Finally the code is uploaded to the sourceforge cvs. For downloading the latest sources follow the instructions given at sourceforge here.
The 'modulename' mentioned on this page is 'cabel'.
So, go! and get it!

Once the code is downloaded, the install instructions will give you a clue for installing all the dependecies needed by Cabel.

You're not shure if it is worth to do so? Then have a short look on the screenshots and start salivating...


We are currently in the "kick-off" phase "Release the Cabel to the public". But at the moment not even the code is uploaded.. It will follow during the next days, a little bit of patience.. it'll be worth it.


Have a look on the install instructions for information on how to install cabel and it’s dependencies.

For more information and downloads see the cabel project summary page hosted by sourceforge.

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