Cabel - build modular synthesizers.

example sounds.

Here are some sounds made with example patches included in Cabel. No additional effects or mastering, just plain o... err new Cabel.

get MP3 pad with wannabe solo.
get MP3 playing some 8-step sequences and a random quantized melody.
get MP3 inside an alien spaceship.
get MP3 Live played Cabel sequencer square bass sound with some break beat cut fm noises.
get MP3 3 triangle oscillators parallel filtered through 2 Moog lowpass filters.
get MP3 4 ringmodulated square waves able to trash your sound system. I use this Cabel patch live with my band :)
get MP3 Cabel playing itself: Distorted and filtered noise, pulsewidth modulated constant square and random string like saw sound. Enjoy!
black phallus

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